Witness places Aisha Jumwa at ODM supporters murder scene

Witness places Aisha Jumwa at ODM supporters murder scene

The trial of Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa for the murder of an ODM supporter began Monday, with the first witness naming the legislator as being present at the crime site.

Jumwa and her assistant Geoffrey Okuto Otieno are charged with murder and assault in connection with the death of a man and injury to many others during the 2019 Ganda Ward by-election.

The witness stated that the event occurred at 4 p.m., while he and other ODM officials were meeting to plan how the ballots for the Ganda ward by-election would be safeguarded. Agents for Mr Katana, the ODM candidate, were present at the meeting.

Witness places Aisha Jumwa at ODM supporters murder scene


On Monday, Alfred Kahindi, the party’s agent, testified before Mombasa High Court Judge Anne Ong’injo that Jumwa, her two bodyguards, and a throng attacked the residence of ODM candidate Reuben Katana, resulting in violence.

“A police Landcruiser arrived the homestead, the party leaders exited the meeting and quickly spoke to the policemen, who then left,” he explained before Mombasa High Court Judge Anne Ong’injo.

He said that less than 20 minutes later, another police car arrived at the farmhouse, and that two more vehicles came shortly after. Ms Jumwa and her two bodyguards exited the two cars. A big audience then joined Ms Jumwa and marched to the location of the meeting.

“I overheard Ms Jumwa reprimanding the cops for failing to complete the tasks she had assigned to them. “She then pledged to do it herself,” according to the witness. Ms Jumwa’s supporters, he claimed, began throwing stones at that time.

After the group at Katana’s homestead reacted, authorities were forced to shoot in the air and hurl teargas at the two groups.

According to the eyewitness, the ODM supporter was shot after police dispersed the unruly teenagers.

“I saw Jumwa, Okuto, and someone else.” “I’m not sure if they were armed because I didn’t see them with firearms,” he claimed.

“Ngumbao was killed as a result of the commotion that ensued when the suspects and their supporters crashed our meeting.” “However, I did not witness them shooting anyone,” Kahindi continued.