Youth ranked poorest in repayment of Uwezo loans

According to a new report released by Uwezo Fund on Uwezo fund recovery, youth take the award for failing to return funds borrowed from the kitty. Kiharu constituency on the other hand leads in repaying over 12 million shillings by the end of June 2016 when the tabulation was done by Uwezo fund.Most parts of northern Kenya have not been able to recover the amounts of money that was disbursed making it hard for them to receive the next allocation that has started in Kiharu.

In all the payments done, 98 percent is done by women groups where most youth groups defaulted in repaying the amount borrowed.

Kiharu MP Irungu Kang’ata pointed out that more sensitization is needed to help the youths use Uwezo fund accordingly.

Rebecca Nyakinyua of Potato Women Group sellers is one such beneficially who lauds the program saying it has boosted her stock from selling one sack of potatoes to three sacks. Rebecca is optimistic that given the second disbursement of Uwezo fund, she will buy the produce from the farm than buying from brokers.

Murang’a Women Representative Sabina Chege who graced the meeting pointed out that the issue of youth borrowing and investing is wanting.

On Friday, the world celebrated youth international day where the youth were encouraged use Uwezo funds to minimize the aspect of high rates of unemployment in the country.